Welcome everybody! 

Let me introduce myself in a few lines:

My name is Wolfgang Thomassek.
In 1966, I was born in the nice city of Amberg / Bavaria / Germany.
After a normal school career, i learned my profession. I've been a landscaper for a good twenty years now.
The pleasure of working outdoors, both in nature and gardens, is were my job meets my hobby.....photography.
Since high school it became a passion of mine.
My gear back in those days was MINOLTA SLR bodies with corresponding lenses.
The big fun, like never ever before, came with the digital technology.
Except the equipment, that you buy once, photography has become a none cost hobby nowadays.
For me it has become even more than a hobby,......... it`s an obsession.
Today i work with a OLYMPUS DSLR and digital auto focus lenses plus some very nice, old manual focus lenses of different systems.
It is the detail of the world around me, that is fascinating me most.
So.....most of my work consists of macros and close ups of flowers and insects.
Due to the fact, that I live in Kalamata / Greece since 1994, you will find also some interesting landscapes.
Kalamata is a nice spot in an amazing surrounding.
Let me mention, that I`m married and a father of three lovely kids.
Enjoy the pics, I hope you like them!

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Email me at: wolfgangthomassek@web.de